Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let's Begin!!

Ah the adventures of beauty. It can be quite refreshing right?  It can also be rather scary.  Questions such as "Where do I begin"? "Where are the best tutorials"?  "Is everything so expensive"?  may pop in to your head. Well, that is where I come in.  I have recently expanded my love for makeup and skin care. I was always a lover of trying new things, but since discovering YouTube (thanks to my sister), my horizons have expanded. I've been trying new products, higher end and drugstore, I've been testing out new skin care routines, makeup routines and have even gained a fashion sense (which was never there before!).

Am I a beginner? Absolutely, and that is where YOU, my readers will come in to play. Together we will experiment with new (or old) products, try out new makeup ideas, give reviews and maybe share in a few giveaways!

Each week I am going to share one of my favorite products. I will start with skin care and work my way out. I am so excited to start this new blog, and once I figure out my camera settings I will even start vlogging!

So, are you up for a challenge? This week, let's talk skin care! What do you wash your face with? Do you have a favorite high end product and lower end? Remember higher end isn't ALWAYS best!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite face wash is, and I will let you know what I use!

See ya tomorrow!

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